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Tea Caddies - Black Leaf Teas

Yes Tor

English Breakfast
A blend of different Assam and Ceylon teas. Golden, aromatic infusion.

Eagle Rock

A fresh, strong Darjeeling with a golden cup & a fresh taste.

Cuckoo Rock

A robust, broken Assam with an excellent depth.

Maiden Hill

Full-bodied, copper coloured infusion with a soft & smoky taste.

Devils Tor

Lapsang Souchong
A fine blend of china teas to give a golden cup with a smoky character.

Tea Caddies - Black Leaf Blends

Old Hill

Earl Grey
Scented with Bergamot and laced with cornflowers. Light and refreshing.

Ladybrook Tor

Earl Grey with Citrus
Our ‘Lady Grey’. Perfectly flavoured with orange, grapefruit & bergamot.

Honey Bag Tor

Almond & Cinnamon
Beautifully scented. Excellent as an after-dinner tea.

Laughter Tor

An irresistible blend. One that is sure to make you smile.

Merripit Hill

A black tea flavoured with Rose, laced with petals & pink rosebuds.

The Nutcracker

Fabulous tea infused with seven spices. Best taken with milk & sugar.

Tea Caddies - Green Leaf Blends

Green Hill

Moroccan Mint
Gunpowder Green Tea with superior grade Spearmint.

Fox Tor

Strawberry & Peach
A soft & relaxing China Sencha blend.

Little Hen Tor

Pineapple & Coconut
A happy tasting Green Tea. Wonderfully light.

Hawks Tor

Baked Apple & Cinnamon
China Sencha with the warmth of Apple and Cinnamon.

Great Mis

Ginger & Lemon
A blend of Green and White Teas flavoured perfectly to refresh & uplift.

Tea Caddies - Rooibos

Rabbits Tor

Lemon & Passion Fruit
Superior grade Rooibos delicately balanced with Lemon & Passion Fruits.

Saddle Rock

Chocolate Orange
Warming & indulgent. A rather lovely blend.

Bell Tor

Cranberry & Ginger
Two flavours that beautifully compliment. One to enjoy.

Tea Caddies - Oolong Tea

Hound Tor

Fig & Honey
A delicate, light & fresh tasting Oolong tea with hints of sweet fig.

Tea Caddies - White Tea

White Hill

Lychee & Peach
An incredible tea. One to fall in love with.

Tea Caddies - Herbal Leaf Infusions

Bracken Tor

Rosemary & Thyme
A wonderful blend. Harmonises and reassures.

Wild Tor

Lemon & Wild berry
Wonderful throughout the day. Relaxing & restorative.

Lovers Leap

The timeless beauty of rose for a floral cup with a delicate taste.

Conies Down

Peach & Peppermint
A memorable infusion which is both light and uplifting.

Dream Tor

Chocolate & Lavender
A beautiful end to the day. Contains valerian which does aid sleep.

Gypsy Rock

Liquorice & Mint
We adore this infusion. It is truly fabulous. Lifts & refreshes.

Feather Tor

Lavender & Strawberry
An English cottage garden in a teapot. Perfect.

Little Bee Tor

Lemon & Vanilla
A tea to be enjoyed by the whole family from little too large.

Tea Caddies - Fruit Infusions

Cherrybrook Rocks

Raspberry & Blackcurrant
A rich and deeply flavoursome tisane.


Melon & Papaya
An infusion with a lovely colour & a soft fruity taste.

Tea Caddies - Ayurveda

Pepperdon Down

Ginger, Pink Peppercorns & Cinnamon
Ayurveda is an ancient holistic form of healing to help achieve optimum health, energy & balance. This tea blends cinnamon, ginger, pink peppercorns & cloves to give an exceptional infusion.


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All our Teas are names after Dartmoor Tors or an area of outstanding natural beauty within the Dartmoor perimeters. Most of our teas are certified as organic. The few that are not are grown so high above the pesticide level that we have no concerns. Please enjoy the ceremony of tea and the relaxation that should accompany this ancient ritual.