Tea Menu

Black Leaf Teas
(Served with milk or lemon. Teas are priced per person.)

Yes Tor

English Breakfast
A blend of different Assam & Ceylon teas. Golden, aromatic infusion.

Eagle Rock

A fresh, strong Darjeeling with a golden cup & a flavoury taste.

Cuckoo Rock

A strong, broken Assam with a full body.

Maiden Hill

Ceylon (decaffeinated available)
Full-bodied, copper coloured infusion with a soft & smoky taste.

Devils Tor

Lapsang Souchong
A fine blend of china teas to give a golden cup with a smoky character.

Black Leaf Blends
(Served with milk or lemon. Teas are priced per person.)

Old Hill

Earl Grey
Scented with Bergamot & laced with cornflowers. Light & refreshing.

Ladybrook Tor

Earl Grey with citrus
Our ‘Lady Grey’. Perfectly flavoured with orange, grapefruit & bergamot.

Honey Bag Tor

Almond & Cinnamon
Beautifully scented. Excellent as an after-dinner tea.

Laughter Tor

An irresistible blend. One that is sure to make you smile.

Merripit Hill

A black tea flavoured with rose, laced with petals & pink rosebuds.

The Nutcracker

Fabulous tea infused with seven spices. Best taken with milk & sugar.

Green Leaf Teas
(Teas are priced per person.)

Green Hill

Moroccan Mint
Gunpowder Green Tea with superior grade Spearmint.

Fox Tor

Strawberry & Peach
A soft & relaxing China Sencha blend.

Little Hen Tor

Pineapple & Coconut
A happy tasting green tea. Wonderfully light.

Hawks Tor

Baked Apple & Cinnamon
China sencha with the warmth of apple & cinnamon.

Great Mis

Ginger & Lemon
A blend of green & white teas flavoured perfectly to refresh & uplift.

(Teas are priced per person.)

Rabbits Tor

Lemon & Passion Fruit
Superior grade Rooibos delicately balanced with lemon & passion fruits.

Bell Tor

Cranberry & Ginger
Two flavours that beautifully compliment. One to enjoy.

Saddle Rock

Chocolate Orange
Warming and indulgent. A rather lovely blend.

Herbal Leaf Infusions
(Teas are priced per person.)

Bracken Tor

Rosemary & Thyme
A wonderful blend. Harmonises & reassures.

Wild Tor

Lemon & Wild Berry
Wonderful throughout the day. Relaxing & restorative.

Lovers Leap

The timeless beauty of rose for a floral cup with a delicate taste.

Conies Down

Peach & Peppermint
Light & uplifting

Dream Tor

Chocolate & Lavender
A beautiful end to the day. This does contain valerian which does aid sleep. Please be careful if driving.

Gypsy Rock

Liquorice & Mint
We adore this infusion. It is truly fabulous. Lifts and refreshes.

Feather Tor

Lavender & Strawberry
An English cottage garden in a teapot. Perfect.

Little Bee Tor

Lemon & Vanilla
A tea to be enjoyed by the whole family from little too large.

Fruit Infusions
(Teas are priced per person.)

Cherrybrook Rocks

Raspberry & Blackcurrant
A rich & deeply flavoursome tisane.


Melon & Papaya
An infusion with a lovely colour and a soft fruity taste.

(Teas are priced per person.)

Pepperdon Down

Ginger & Cinnamon
Ayurveda is an ancient holistic form of healing to help achieve optimum health, energy & balance. This tea blends cinnamon, ginger, pink peppercorns & cloves to give an exceptional infusion.

Oolong Tea
(Teas are priced per person.)

Hound Tor

Fig & Honey
A delicate, light & fresh tasting oolong tea with hints of sweet fig.

White Tea
(Teas are priced per person.)

White Hill

Lychee & Peach
An incredible tea. One to fall in love with.